Guide Trip Information

My Story

My name is Evan Luta and I’m the owner of Omerta Tackle Co. and Guide Service. I grew up in the Finger Lakes, and have been fishing its lake since as early as I can remember. I started fishing as a young kid out of a canoe until I acquired a small tin boat soon after, thanks to Mom and Dad. Ever since my first bass tournament, I have been hooked. After thousands of hours on the water one technique was unmatched in its consistency and in its reliability for catching big bass, the jig. It was from this understanding, Omerta Tackle Co. was born. It has been many years since I picked up my first fishing rod. Over that time I have learned a great deal about the art of bass fishing. It is this knowledge that I would love to share with others. That is why I started a guide service with the specific goal of sharing that knowledge and the love of bass fishing with others.

Where Will We Be Fishing 

Our guided fishing trips will be on the NYS Finger Lakes (excluding Cayuga and Seneca Lakes). I am confident in my ability to fish all of the Finger Lakes, but I do have some preferences. The lake choice will also depend on each client and the expectations for the day. Depending on whether the client would like to catch a lot of fish, or a big fish (lunker). Keep in mind, the time of year is also an important factor in planning the type of fish a client would like to target. See below for a seasonal fishing chart. When it comes to fishing in the Finger Lakes timing can be everything, but I have extensive knowledge and experience fishing all year round. That’s what put my guide services above the rest! WE WILL GET YOU ON FISH!!!!

A full day guide trip will offer the most options for different location, but we will do our best to accommodate different plans. The half day and quick trips will be geared towards my home lake Keuka Lake based on their shorter duration. 

Early and late season perch fishing trips are also available! 

What You Need To Bring 

  • New York State Fishing License 

  • Appropriate Clothing for conditions (mornings can be chilly)

  • Full Set of Rain Gear (Regardless of forecast), Waterproof Shoes, Sunglasses

  • Food and Drinks

  • Positive attitude! 

What Is Provided

  • Fully Rigged 20′ Bass Boat with a Mercury Pro XS 250 and top of the line Electronics

  • Lifejackets (if you have a comfortable one you like, feel free to bring it) 

  • High-end Rods and Reels, as well as top quality gear and tackle

  • Ok to bring your own Rods/Reels/Tackle

Rules and Regulations 

  • Omertá Tackle Co. Tours are catch and release only (Unless we are on a perch fishing mission) and any panfish kept are the responsibility of the client to take care of as far as processing 

  • There is no smoking or drinking while on the guided trip 

  • A maximum of two clients per trip

What Tour Option Should You Choose 

Omertá Tackle Co. Guide service offers three different options.

    1. Full day trip ideal for:

      • Maximizing the number of fishing location options

      • Maximizing the number and size of fish caught on a trip

      • Maximizing the knowledge and information learned about how to catch more fish

      • Ideal for fishing a new Finger Lake for the first time

    2. Half day trip ideal for:

      • Novices and beginners

      • Busy people with tight schedules that love fishing

      • Sharing fishing knowledge tricks, techniques, and more

    3. Quick trip ideal for:

      • Children and beginners

      • Catching the most fish in the shortest amount of time

      • Sharing fishing knowledge tricks, and techniques with kids and people who are new to fishing